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Over 35 years of experience. Call Us Today!
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Over 35 years of experience. Call Us Today!
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Air & Fire Systems offers a wide range of Fire Protection and Safety services ranging from fire extinguisher annual inspections to industrial systems inspections.

Air & Fire Systems also refills Kidde Dual Spectrum Extinguishers and services and refills:
- FM-200
- Halon 1211
- Halon 1301
- HFC-125

Our Staff of knowledgeable, friendly technicians are here to assist you with all of your Fire Protection service needs.
Air & Fire Systems sells, installs and services a full line of fire extinguishers.
All fire extinguishers must be inspected once a year.
Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers require two types of major service during their term of service:
1. Six Year Service: extinguisher is broken down and all internal parts are inspected and serviced. The extinguisher is then recharged.
2. Hydrostatic Test: this service is required every twelve years. The extinguisher is discharged, filled with water and taken to maximum pressure to ensure the integrity of the cylinder.
Liquid Filled Fire Extinguishers only require one type of major service during their term of service:
1. Hydrostatic Test: this is required every five years on Liquid Fire Extinguishers. The extinguisher is discharged, filled with water and taken to maximum pressure to ensure the integrity of the cylinder.
Air & Fire Systems Installs, Inspects, Tests and Services Restaurant Hood and Industrial Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems. We service Ansul, Range Guard, Pyro-Chem, and Kidde.
Fire Suppression Systems require inspection and testing every six months.
Inspection and Testing of Suppression Systems includes, but is not limited to:
1. Cutting Terminal fuse link on detection line.
2. Manual Pull Station is pulled.
3. Ensure that fuel supply shuts down properly.
4. Nozzles inspected and free of blockage.
5. Ensure proper nozzle locations for appliance line up.
6. Nozzle caps secured.
7. Cylinder is inspected.
8. Fusible links are replaced.
In our state-of-the art facility we perform hydrostatic testing on:
- CO2 Tanks
- Oxygen Tanks
- SCBA/Scuba
- Dry Chemical cylinders
- Systems Tanks
- Cartridges
We also refill CO2 cylinders and cartridges, SCBA and SCUBA.
We also perform Fire Service Compressed Air Testing, Sport Diving Compressed Air Testing and Commercial Diving Compressed Air Testing.
Mobile Recharge unit
With our State of the Art Mobile Recharge Unit, Air & Fire Systems can bring our services to your business. Our Mobile Recharge Unit Technician can discharge, visually inspect and recharge your extinguishers without leaving your business. It is one of the many convenient and time saving services we offer.
  • Recharging Extinguishers
  • Visual Inspection of Extinguishers
  • Refilling of Extinguishers
Air Compressors
Air & Fire Systems proudly sells Eagle Air Compressors. We perform service on Eagle and Mako Breathing Air Compressors and all other brands. Air & Fire Systems provides sales and service to Fire Departments, Dive Shops, Paint Ball Houses and more.

All Fire departments in Kansas now have access to the most highly regarded product line of SCBA/SCUBA cylinder re-filling systems along with total customer care from a local organization with factory trained sales and service professionals. Air & Fire Systems has over 30 years experience in the emergency services industry and as an EagleAir® Authorized Sales & Service Distributor offers the following services:

•Technical sales assistance to assure optimum system configuration and sizing to meet your specific needs.

•Full service shop equipped with genuine parts inventory for expert repairs. “No Hassle” factory authorized warranty care.

•On site semi-annual or quarterly service contracts and air testing to NFPA specifications.

Eagle Compressors, Inc. manufactures high pressure breathing air systems for re-charging SCBA & SCUBA cylinders. An essential service for fire fighters, commercial and recreational divers, personnel that operate in hazardous environments, and our armed forces worldwide.

To find which Eagle Air Compressor best suits your needs Eagle Air provides an easy to use AirSystem Calculator tool based on your usage and fill-time you desire.


Air Quality Testing


Is it Safe to Breathe?

AIR & FIRE SYSTEMS uses and distributes the AirCheck Kit from TRACE ANALYTICS. Trace’s laboratory specializes in compressed air quality analysis.
When buying the AirCheck Kit the first year, you eliminate the constant shipment of heavy or bulky items each quarter. Because you own the kit, the only shipping expense involved is on your 3 ounce package containing the air sample to be tested. The savings in shipping costs alone easily justifies your decision to buy the AirCheck Kit.

Kit Simplicity – Sample collection is quick and easy using the AirCheck Kit. Just 5 steps, 10 minutes and less than a dollar in postage has your compressed air sample on its way to the laboratory for analysis.

Fast Turnaround – Upon receipt, samples are typically analyzed by TRACE within 24 hrs., and reports mailed within 72 hrs. A copy is also provided to AIR & FIRE SYSTEMS, your service distributor.
Out-of-Spec Samples that fail to meet air quality standards are immediately reported to you and your service distributor by phone.
Free Retest – When a sample fails to meet specifications, you receive 1 Free retest if taken within 30 days of the initial failure.
Troubleshooting – AIR & FIRE SYSTEMS & Trace personnel will work with you to help determine the source of your air quality problems.
Accuracy – Trace uses a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GCMS) for analysis of gases & water, and a micro balance for condensed hydrocarbons. Daily accuracy and precision data is provided on all reports. No detector tubes are used for any portion of analyses.
Accreditation – Trace’s laboratory is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), as required by NFPA1500.
Our Guarantee – The AirCheck Kit has a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee. If any part of the hardware fails to work properly, we will replace it at no charge. If you are dissatisfied with the kit and/or our services; we will buy back the kit (on a prorated basis) and any unused prepaid samples.
Restocking Kit supplies are restocked once a year at no charge. A minimal shipping charge of $6.00 applies to all U.S.shipments.
6000 D.O.T.Cascade System

2036 cu. ft. storage
(Brochures, Price List, Photos Available )
4 New, 6000 psi, 509 cu. ft. Cylinders
Deluxe Valves
Safety Device on Each Valve
All Fittings and Pigtails
Mounting Brackets
OSHA Yellow
3600, 4500 @ 6000 PSI DOT CYLINDERS IN STOCK
4500 D.O.T. Cascade System
1776 cu. ft. storage
(Brochures, Price List, Photos Available)
Lightweight HC-500 Cylinders!
4 New, 4500 psi, 444 cu. ft. Cylinders
Safety Device on Each Valve
Adjustable Regulator with Guages
All Fittings and Pigtails
Wall Mounting Brackets
Connector Hose from Compressor
OSHA Yellow

NFPA National Fire Codes

Fire Extinguishers – NFPA-10
4-4.1 Frequency. Extinguishers shall be subject to maintenance not more than one year apart or when specifically indicated by an inspection. Maintenance procedures shall be performed in accordance with 4-4.2.
4-4.1.3 Every six years, stored pressure extinguishers that require a 12-year hydrostatic test shall be emptied and subjected to the appropriate maintenance procedures. When the applicable maintenance procedures are performed during periodic recharging or hydrostatic testing, the six-year requirement shall begin from that date.
Restaurant/Industrial Fire Suppression Systems – NFPA 17, 17A, 96
3-3.1 At least semi-annually, maintenance shall be conducted in accordance with the manufacture’s listed installation and maintenance manual.
2-11.3 Fixed temperature sensing elements of the fusible metal alloy type shall be replaced at least annually or more frequently if necessary to assure proper operation of the system.
Fire Sprinkler Systems – NFPA 25
9-2.6 Main Drain Test. A main drain test shall be conducted quarterly at each system riser to determine if there has been a change in the condition of the water supply piping and control valves.
9-2.7 Waterflow Alarm. All waterflow alarms shall be tested quarterly in accordance with the manufacture’s instructions.
2-3.3.1 Testing the waterflow alarms on wet pipe systems shall be accomplished by opening the inspector’s test connection.
Fire Alarm Systems – NFPA 72
7-3.2 Testing Testing shall be performed in accordance with the schedules in this chapter or more frequently where required by the authority having juristiction. Where automatic testing is performed at least weekly by a remotely monitored fire alarm control unit specifically listed for the application, the manual testing frequency shall be permitted to be extended to annually.
Emergency & Exit Signs & Lighting – NFPA 101
5-10.1.2 Exits shall be marked by an approved sign readily visible from any direction of exit access.
5-9.2.1 Emergency illumination shall be provided for a period of 90 minutes in the event of failure of normal lighting.
Hand Held Fire Hose – NFPA 1962
2-3.3 In-service hose shall be unracked, unreeled, or unrolled and physically inspected as specified in Section 2-5 at least annually. Hose shall be reracked, rereeled, or rerolled so that any folds any folds do not occur at the same position on the hose.
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Fire Extinguishers
At Air & Fire Systems, we maintain an inventory of Pyro-Chem and Ansul extinguishers. If we don’t have the specific fire extinguisher to meet your needs, we will order it.

The ABCs of Portable Fire Extinguishers – Selection, Use and Maintenance

Today, building and business owners are turning to the internet as a resource for training. An interactive site for Fire Extinguisher Training is now available and free! is an interactive learning tool to help you better understand which extinguishers to use on specific types of fires, as well as how to operate, inspect and maintain an extinguisher. Air & Fire Systems encourages any of your employees that are responsible for fire extinguisher use, training or inspection to use this interactive training tool.

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems​​
Air & Fire Systems sells and installs Pyrochem Monarch Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems, and inspects and services all brands of Systems.
Hazardous material storage areas and commercial paint spray booths involve highly flammable liquids, which creates an environment where fire is always a threat. Fumes can accumulate, chemicals can leak or spill. If any ignition source is introduced it becomes a potentially devastating combination.
If a fire occurs, systems must be shut off and alarms and other electrical devices must be activated.
The MONARCH Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical System can protect a diverse range of hazard areas and perform all of the necessary auxiliary functions.
Kitchen fire suppression systems
Air & Fire Systems Installs, Inspects, and Services Pyrochem, Kidde, Range Guard & Ansul Fire Suppression Systems.
The KITCHEN KNIGHT II system offers breakthrough technology in kitchen fire suppression systems. The fire extinguishing agent is a potassium carbonate-based water solution that knocks the flame down,cuts off air to the burning grease and cools the hazard area to help ensure the fire stays out.
Fire extinguisher quiz

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