Navy Emergency Fire And Rescue is the Most Exciting Job

by on May 27, 2011

Navy Fire And Emergency ServicesNavy emergency fire and rescue is the most exciting job

If you’re joining the Navy emergency fire and rescue department, you’re likely to be part of the first responder team. That means whatever the situation, you’re expected to be there and contribute to the averting of accidents and stabilizing of the environment. What’s best is that you don’t need any expensive college degree to join the Navy Emergency, Fire and Rescue community. But the kind of education you’ll get on the job, you’ll never get anywhere else.  And exciting doesn’t even begin to describe the job of Navy emergency fire and rescue personnel.

While in training for a job in Navy emergency fire and rescue you’ll learn all about emergency treatment, medical technology, firefighting, damage prevention, and emergency equipment repair. These skills are handy in all kinds of situations.

As a Navy emergency fire and rescue professional, some of your responsibilities would include giving first aid when required, being your ship’s Fire Marshall, working with all manner of firefighting equipment, learning about chemical, biological and radiological defense equipment in-depth as well as operating electrical and sound-powered communications systems.

Another given of any sort of work in Navy emergency fire and rescue is that it will never be dull. Just take the number of environments you’ll be working in as an example. You could end up on board ships and submarines, become a member of an air squadron, make up a team in a special warfare and special operations unit. And it’s a great chance to travel as you’re likely to visit every part of the globe during your career. Doesn’t it sound like Navy emergency fire and rescue is a very exciting job?

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